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Team Typowiz was very kind in offering to shoot some photos during the Cachercon 2010: Metro Detroit sessions for us to include on our website. Below you'll find some of those better images.

Xpunkx and DarrylW4 host the Geocaching Podcast

Team MEMILA talks about Geocaching with the iPhone and iPod Touch

gsix5666 check a preform during his session on cache containers

Before making his big announcement, HeadHardHat shared some views of Geocaching in the Media

DarrylW4 shares the final attendee totals and locations with the audience before the Reviewers' session

Bill of TeamLegend4 waits for an audience question during the Meet the Reviewers session

-Tiki- and -DeRock- listen as they're asked a question from the audience

Rattrak hold the microphone for srstuart as he asks his question of the Reviewers

Also check the gallery on the cache page for more photos.