St Clair River Coffee Crawl/Fall Color Caching

About the Events:
The Motor City Cache Machine is hosting a Coffee Crawl/Fall Color Caching series of events on Sunday, October 14, 2012. We've seen many new caches by a few new Cachers popping up along the U.S. side of the St Clair River and wanted to meet many of them (and hopefully get some of our local Cachers up there to check out the area). For those in the area we encourage you to come out so we can meet you in person! For those not from the area this will be a terrific opportunity to get out for some caching along the St Clair River and meet with fellow Cachers. Currently we have three events planned (with one more we hope to include pending approval from the management) starting in Algonac and working our way north to Port Huron. Those events are (in chronological order):

GC3V89J Algonac: (9-10am)
Breakfast Meet & Greet at Algonac Coney Island
The Algonac Coney Island features typical diner breakfast fare on their menu (downloadable PDF from their website). Have a seat with your favorite caching buddies or make new ones over breakfast to kick off your caching Sunday.

GC3V89W St Clair: (11am-2pm)
Coffee, Coins, & Sigs at Sue's Coffee House
This event was moved from Marine City to St Clair due to the closure of "Roasted" where we were to have held the event.
These sessions are devoted to sharing Geocoins and other signature items (such as Pathtags, wooden nickels, or cards). We'll share our collections, make trades, and talk about them. If you have questions about any of the items, or how to work with trackables, make sure to ask as someone will likely know the answer.

GC3V89Y Port Huron: (5-8pm)
Dinner Meet & Greet at The Raven Café
The Raven Café is a unique literary themed venue with an appealing selection of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including coffee of course) and food (see the downloadable PDFs on their website). We'll take this opportunity to wind down our caching day and enjoy the company and conversation of our fellow Geocachers.

About the Route:
Screenshot of RouteWe're starting our Coffee and Caching Tour in Algonac, the southern most point along the St Clair River then heading north to Port Huron. This route travels through Marine City, St Clair, and Marysville with views of the river and its traffic. Visitors will also find several museums along the way:
For those interested in antiques, there are shops available in Algonac, Marine City, and St Clair to occupy some time. Of course there are many caches to be had in each of the cities and between. Premium Users on can use this route to create their Pocket Queries.
Darryl Wattenberg,
Aug 25, 2012, 6:56 PM