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Falling Water Trail (Caching by Bike) July 3, 2009

posted Jun 9, 2009, 11:46 AM by Bill Legende
Reefrider recently suggested a trip to the Falling Water Trail to do some caching by bike.  A few other group members and other cachers have expressed interest in joining up for this adventure.
The trail has about 25-30 caches on or near enough that can be found while biking the 10.5 mile lenght.  Some suggestions have included splitting up the cars betweeen the start and finish or the trail so that the bike ride is only a one-way trip.
Below is some information taken directly from one on beenhere's cache pages as he owns the majority of the caches along thr trail.
Please post if you are interested in joining up for this adventure and also feel free to suggest a starting time.  We can start working out the details now as the date is just a little over three weeks away.

Taken from cache GCVJ0D:

An old rail bed that is easy to walk on as it is paved.

What is the Falling Water Trail? The Falling Water Trail is a 10.5mile linear trail based on the old Michigan Central railroad bed.It runs between Weatherwax Drive, in Jackson, and the Village of Concord,Michigan.
The Falling Water Trail is a major east-west component of the Jackson County Regional Trail plan, connecting Cascades, Ella Sharp, Lime Lake and Swains Lake parks in Jackson County.
The container is small but easy to find.

PARKING for the trail is at both ends and in the middle. These are south of the trail a ways on Weatherwax in Jackson, and Teft Rd. near Spring Arbor, and right at the end on River St. in Concord. You are not allowed to park at the crossing roads.