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Holly Hike / Cache Adventure

posted Aug 15, 2010, 9:08 AM by Bill Legende   [ updated Oct 5, 2010, 2:21 AM ]
After the outing update....
Well another successful hike/caching outing is in the books!  We had 15 people (see below) show up in less than ideal weather conditions to hike the park today and find as many caches as possible.  We arrived at the park just after 7:00 A.M. as the rain was falling quite steadily.  Participants kept rolling into the meeting area for the next thirty minutes and began putting on their foul weather gear, preparing for what was sure to be a cold, wet hike.  There was one exception, Rick (equinoxrox) our new friend from the Cadillac area was the tough-man of the day and he only wore shorts, tennis shoes, and a rain pancho.....not sure what else he was wearing under the pancho and I wasn't asking!
We started our hike at about 7:30 A.M. and our first loop was about 4.25 miles.  This was by far the toughest part of the day.  Here we had the most elevation changes, most bushwhacking, and longest distance in one run.  This was also the coldest and wettest part of the day.  The good news is we survived and only got one DNF on this section (our only one of the day).  After completing this loop we moved the vehicles and started on loop #2.
Loop #2 was a little shorter then the first loop and quite a bit dryer.  Our total miles for this loop was 3.63 miles.  This loop took us through the remaining areas on the South side of the Rec area and allowed us to finish up the "Black Dot Micro Series" for those that had not already completed this challenging series of caches.  With the information needed to find the final cache "Going for the Gold" we made that the last cache found on this second loop of caches.  After finding the final cache here we lost a few in the group but the rest of the crew decided to push on to the North side of the Rec area for loop #3.
Loop#3 was the shortest and easiest of our trek today.  The elevation was easier and there was much less bushwhacking then we had experienced earlier in the day.  We hiked another 2.75 miles total in this loop as we only had time to complete the West side on it before we started worrying about finishing before dark.  Since most of the remaining participants in the group had already found most of what was in the East side of the loop we choose to end our hike after completing the West side.  We did get notification of a brand new cache in the park as we were hiking out of this loop so we hustled out and drove back to the South side of the park to score a first to find which was pretty cool.
Overall we had a great time!  We really enjoyed our time in the park, this is a great place to hike and there are so many caches in there to find that you can explore every area of it.  I can't wait until we plan the next outing!
Miles hiked: 11
Caches visited: 51
DNF's: 1
Time spent in Park: 10 hours
Total participants: 15
TeamLegend4 - Bill & Krystal
Celtic Cache Trio - John
Reefrider52 - Kevin
jtee - Josie
gsix5666 - Glenn
Rock Dogz - Bob
Bapman - Bruce
BWY Gang - Bill & Lynne
Equinoxrox - Rick
Tim and Trish - Tim
Rexshe - Rex
Ranger4+1 - Gordy
searchgeek78 - Steve
            MCCM Scoring a FTF at Holly Rec Area
Holly Hike / Cache Adventure

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet-up time:

7:30 A.M.

Anyone wanting coordinates loaded into their GPSr (USB cable load only) meet at:

7:00 A.M.

Parking / Meeting Coordinates

N 42 48.210 W 083 30.562


Targeted caches = 49


What to expect:

Terrain ratings will range between 1.5 and 4.5 with the average being around 2.5.  there are some pretty good trails through the Rec Area but most of the caches are places anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred feet from the trail.  Some bushwhacking will be required on many of the caches.  I'd recommend pants if you value the skin on your legs!  The terrain in this park is tough in some areas.  There will be some elevation changes but it will not be as bad as what we experienced at Ortonville.  Even so, be prepared for a very good workout!  I'm bringing trekking poles as these are very helpful on these types of hikes and the really help during the bushwhacks.

Cache difficultly ratings will range from 1.5 to about 3.5 with 2 being the average.  I have seen a lot of smalls to "micros in the woods" with some of these caches in the past.  The advantage we have is lots of eyes looking for the caches makes it much easier to cover more ground quicker.  The owner of most of these caches told me "these caches don't stand a chance against our group".

The plan will be to move the cars a couple of times and hike the area in a few big loops.  However, you should plan to be away from the vehicles for long periods of time.  Bring plenty of water so you stay hydrated, this is absolutely critical.  Pack snacks and your lunch as the plan is to munch along the way or during one of our "trail-side" breaks that we like to take.

I am also bringing two-way radios as this helps to stay in communication if the group gets spread out a bit as it usually does.  Feel free to bring yours if you have them, and we can coordinate a channel that morning.  Small first-aid kits are a good idea as is rain gear if there is any chance of rain in the forecast.  A dry, clean change of clothes kept in the car will come in handy as well if you want to change into something more comfortable and join us for some chow at the end of the day if we can find something nearby.


I will update the MCCM Group Caching page with a fresh GPX file as we get closer to the date as well as keep track of those that have confirmed or expressed interest in joining us for this adventure.  The page can be found at the following link:


Confirmed Attendees
TeamLegend4 - Bill & Krystal
Reefrider52 - Kevin
paldog0603 - Mike
gsix5666 - Glenn
TeamLareau - Brian
Nurse Nanna - Anne
Rock Dogz - Bob
Bapman - Bruce
Geo-Therapist - J'nise
BWY Gang - Bill & Lynne
Woodville - Tim
Ramblin Rumble - Keith
jtee - Josie
Celtic Cache Trio - John