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Milford Trail Hike

posted Oct 13, 2010, 6:28 PM by Bill Legende   [ updated Oct 24, 2010, 4:21 AM ]
After the outing update....
We had a smaller group this time but no less fun!  We gathered at 9:00 A.M. and hit the trail to start finding caches immediately.  Today was a day for milestones as each of teams hit some type of milestone while caching today.  The first milestone hit was TeamLegend4's 6000th find.  A nice scenic area with a traditional cache nestled up next to a lake.   Further down the trail we also hit #3800 for DarrylW4 & Firefly03 on a crafty multi-cache that took us two attempts due to the red herrings tossed in.  Also along the way we hit #150 for searchgeek78 and #100 for moosetracks82 the newest cachers in our group today.  They were both caching without a GPSr today but finding caches none the less!  They really have the caching bug!  Finally, near the end of the trail we hit #1000 for Geoaddict.  This came on the only ammo can cache of the day!
All in all, even with the usual rain we get when we do these group outings, we had a nice time.  This was a much shorter and less intense hike than some of the others we have done.  Total distance today was 4.5 miles in just under 3 hours.
Miles hiked: 4.5
Caches visited: 20
DNF's: 0
Time spent on trail: 3 hours
Total participants: 7
TeamLegend4 - Bill & Krystal
DarryW4 & Firefly03 - Darryl & Drie
Searchgeek78 - Steve
moosetracks82 - Krystal
Geoaddict - Mike
 Left to right: Geoaddict-Mike, TL4-Bill, Firefly03-Drie, DarrylW4-Darryl,
TL4-Krystal, Searchgeek-Steve, moosetracks-Krystal
  TL4-Bill up a tree for a cache
TeamLegend4 (Bill & Krystal) at cache find #6000
Geoaddict (Mike) at #1000
Hiking along the trail
Milford Trail Hike
I have been eying a newly created trail that runs from near downtown Milford to the Kensington Metropark entrance as a great place to do a group outing.  Over the past few months a bunch of caches have been placed along this trail so I think now is the time to get serious about planning this.  At last count there are 21 caches placed on this relatively short trail.  The trail is only 3.6 miles one way.  My plan is to park at the North end of the trail at the YMCA where there is plenty of parking and walk the entire length of the trail to the Kensington entrance then turn around and walk back to the car.  This should make the hike just under 7.5 miles.  The entire length of the trail is paved and is shared by walkers, runners, and bicycles.  The trail weaves around a couple of lakes/ponds and through some woods and really is quite beautiful now that the leaves are changing colors.  I recently ran the North section which was 3.12 miles round trip and I made that distance in about 35 minutes.  The elevation changes are only slight and are pretty gradual.  Doing the entire 7.5 miles round trip at a casual pace and finding all the caches should take a few hours.  There are also many other caches in the Milford area so an entire day can be spent caching in the area if so desired.  Kensington Metropark has many great caches including a bunch of earthcaches.
Date: Saturday, October 23, 2010
Time: 9:00 A.M.
Meeting Location: YMCA Parking Lot (N 42 35.398 W 083 36.817)
Confirmed attendees:
TeamLegend4 - Bill, Chris & Krystal
DarryW4 & Firefly03 - Darryl & Drie
Searchgeek78 - Steve
moosetracks82 - Krystal
Geoaddict - Mike
Here is a link to the official Milford Trail website:
Following are a couple of maps that show both the trail and the 21 targeted caches: