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Ortonville Part II

posted Apr 27, 2010, 3:24 AM by Bill Legende   [ updated May 26, 2010, 3:45 AM ]
After the outing update...
Our second outing to Ortonville was a huge success!  The group consisted of TeamLegend4 (Bill & Krystal), Reefrider52 (Kevin), jtee (Josie), Rock Dogz (Bob), BWY Gang (Bill & Lynne), paldog0603 (Mike), Big Smile (Antoinette), and Juillet.
We hiked an estimated 15 miles over some pretty tough terrain in some challenging conditions.  The day started off a bit humid and damp but with the promise of only a slight chance of rain.  For the first three hours we hiked along the South loop of the Rec Area with barely a sprinkle then about Noon the sky opened up on us and we got drenched.  It took most of the rest of the afternoon for everything to dry out as the sun kept coming in and out.  It was also pretty humid back in the woods and the skeeters could be bad at times.  The wet ground made the terrain that much tougher as we had to deal wit wet leaves, mud, loose rocks, and steep inclines and declines.  We got a great workout over those 15 miles!
We hunted 39 caches and found them DNF's.  One close call, but a phone a friend helped get us on the right track and we made the find.  All in all this was a great day spent with friends and a perfect caching outing.  I can't wait for the next time we can get a big group together to do it again.
Date: May 22, 2010
Time: Meet at 9:00 A.M. (8:30 for those that want coordinates loaded into their GPSr's)
Location: N 42 52.110 W 083 26.302
Well after a very successful outing to Ortonville Recreation Area where we were able to find 40 of the caches we have decided we want to go back and get the rest!  It looks like there are about 35 more caches in the Rec Area and immediate surrounding area that can keep us busy most of the day.  This includes two tough multi's and a puzzle that I have no idea how to solve at this time SOLVED (Thanks John and Nick).
I need some help on getting started on one of the multi caches (GC1VKDT) Walkabout.  This cache requires a couple of long projections to start where stage 1 will be where the two projected lines intersect.  If someone has some time to work this out and send me the coords for stage 1 I can include it in the file of what we will attempt.
Just like the first time I will keep track of those interested in attending on this page.
TeamLegend4 (Bill & Krystal)
Reefrider52 (Kevin)
jtee (Josie)
Rock Dogz (Bob)
BWY Gang (Bill & Lynne)
paldog0603 (Mike)
Big Smile (Antoinette)
I have a GPX file attached below of the caches we will be attempting.  I will keep an eye on the area if any other new ones pop up that need to be added and I plan to be at the meeting area 30 minutes early with my laptop if anyone needs coordinates loaded into their GPSr.
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Bill Legende,
May 16, 2010, 5:53 AM