Loading Unpublished Caches into Cachly

Cachly can load GPX or ZIP files directly from the native email client. For this set of instruction we'll open the GPX from an email.
  1. Open the ".GPX" file.
  2. When the screen of text appears tap anywhere to display the title bar at the top. Tap the share icon in the upper right (the square with an arrow pointing up). You'll have three rows of options, in the middle are apps which can open the GPX file. Scroll through that list and tap on "Copy to Cachly."
  3. Cachly will open and ask you to import the GPX. Give it a name and hit "Save" in the upper right.
    1. You can optionally download the images referenced in the GPX file by enabling the "Save Images" switch.
    2. If you know the number of Geocaches which should be in the GPX file, the "Offline Geocaches" is a good confirmation that they are all going to import.
  4. Cachly may take a couple of minutes to import the GPX file, but once complete will return you to the map. (In this version there appears to be a bug that opens two import dialogs. Ignore the second when the first import is complete.)
  5. To access the new caches, tap on the "More" button in the lower right, then "Imported" from the list. You should see the name you just saved with the number of caches to the left. Tap on that to see those newly loaded caches (either on the Map or List view).

These instructions were developed using Cachly version 1.0.6 on an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.1.

Visit the quick YouTube video created with version 1.0.6 to see this process in action.