Loading Unpublished Caches into GCDroid

GCDroid can load ZIP files directly from the gMail client. For this set of instruction we'll open the ZIP from gMail.
  1. Tap the ".ZIP" file name and pick "Open with GCDroid," then tap "Just Once."
  2. GCDroid will open and ask you to import into a database.
    • (Optional) Create a new database by tapping the "<New Database>" option. Type in the name and tap "OK." The import will automatically begin with the progress message – skip to step 3.
    • From the list of database tap the name of the one to which you'd like to add the new caches. The import will begin with the progress message.
  3. Once complete GCDroid briefly displays a "GPX Imported Successfully" message and displays the list of geocaches.

These instructions were developed using GCDroid version 1.2.6 on an Nexus 5X with Android 6.0.1.